Our Wineries

Waihopai River Winery

Construction of the Marisco Waihopai River Winery began in 2009, a new generation winemaker's winery - with technology never seen before in New Zealand.

Completely designed by Brent and his creative team to ensure they established a facility that had all a winemaker could dream of within a winery, with the design focus being on winemaking efficiency and wine quality.

They looked outside of the wine industry, into industries such as dairy and meat, to find effective and efficient technology that could be adopted when it came to effluent & wastewater management, movement & flow of juice around the winery, power efficiency and sustainability.

Leefield Station Winery

Consented for 20,000 tonne, construction of the Leefield Station Winery began in 2019 with stage one being 10,000 tonnes.

Amidst the chaos that was COVID-19 - we saw stage one of the winery build complete and Vintage 2020 crushed under the management of Brent's eldest daughter Emma.

With the design and construction of this winery, once again there is a key focus on low environmental impact when it comes to power, water and waste management - and 10 years on from the WR Winery build - new technology from around the world has seen us achieve a winery that is efficient, sustainable and quality driven.