Our Vineyards

5 Trophy Properties

At Marisco our passion for winemaking is deeply rooted in the diverse terroirs of New Zealand's renowned Marlborough region. With five distinct vineyards under our stewardship, we've embarked on an extraordinary journey to craft exceptional wines that reflect the unique characteristics of each site. Our commitment to quality and innovation is matched only by our reverence for the land. Join us in exploring the diverse flavours and stories that make Marisco wines truly exceptional.

Waihopai River Vineyard

Our first vineyard, the one that laid the foundation for Marisco Vineyards, lies on the flats of the Waihopai Riverbank.

The exceptional diversity across the one site made it a great place to start. It consists of three terraces formed by glacial movement over thousands of years. Each terrace has varying soils, which gives us a real diversity of flavours. This vineyard is planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and small blocks of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Viognier.

Leefield Station Vineyard

A historic beef & sheep station, Leefield lies in the southern, upper reaches of the Waihopai Valley.

The last of our vineyards to be developed, Leefield Station is a unique 2,200 ha property with 650ha dedicated to vineyard while the majority continues to operate as a livestock farm. This glacial valley, filled with mineral-rich soil and beautiful rolling foothills, is primarily planted with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Slopes Vineyard

As its name indicates, this vineyard spreads over a number of slopes.

The slopes lie on the hills overlooking the Brancott Valley. This 75ha vineyard offers dazzling complexity - from riverbeds all the way to slopes facing an array of different orientations. 

Ben Morven Vineyard

The Ben Morven vineyard lies at the foot of the Range of the Wither Hills under the watchful eye of The Ned.

The 6.3ha vineyard is planted exclusively in Pinot Noir, due to its soil suitability and location, which coupled together provide the near perfect environment for growing outstanding Pinot Noir. Our viticulture team have selected particular clones to suit this vineyard and its climate - ensuring that year on year our winemakers are delivered exceptional fruit to create our Pinot Noir wines.

Fairleigh Vineyard

This vineyard block lies in the main Wairau Valley and was where Brent's career in winemaking began.

Owned by Brent's family and planted by his father, a pioneer of winegrowing in the Marlborough region, this 14.3ha vineyard is planted mainly in Sauvignon Blanc, with about a fifth of it devoted to Chardonnay.