Harvest for 2021 is Over!

With just over four weeks of intense harvesting, Marisco Vineyards is thrilled to announce the conclusion of the 2021 harvest season. The weather graced the vineyards with kindness, allowing the grapes to ripen to perfection. The team is filled with anticipation as they look forward to tasting the exceptional wines that the 2021 harvest will yield.

Harvest is an exhilarating and crucial time in the winemaking process. It is a period of intense activity and meticulous attention to detail as the grapes are carefully handpicked and brought to the winery. This year, the fruit quality exceeded expectations, promising wines of exceptional character and flavor.

The dedicated team at Marisco Vineyards worked tirelessly to ensure that each grape was harvested at its peak, capturing the essence of the vineyard and the Marlborough region. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every step of the winemaking process.

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