Grape vs. Grain


On May 27th, Emerson’s Brewery in Dunedin came alive with amazing aromas, friendly chatter and a hint of competitiveness in the air for the Outstanding Food Producers Awards 2024 Grape vs. Grain Winner Dinner! Leefield Station and Emerson’s are both proud sponsors of the Outstanding Food Producer Awards 2024 and the Grape vs. Grain dinner was a celebration of the talented food and drink producers, with Emerson’s chef, Kat, creating a five-course dinner with the award-winning products. Then it was head-to-head for Greg from Emersons and Siobhan from our team as they paired a beer and a wine with each dish for the audience of 65 passionate food lovers to judge WHO PAIRED IT BETTER! The competition was tough, with Leefield Station just pipping Emerson’s with 3 winning pairings to 2! A standout dish was the chocolatey dessert, including chocolate bark, mascarpone and the OFPA 2024 overall champion product – Mind Your Temper’s Black Forest bonbon, deliciously paired with our Leefield Station Pinot Noir

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Steeped in the history of Marlborough

Leefield Station is a range of wines that celebrate the history of the iconic sheep and beef station located in the heart of the Waihopai Valley. Purchased in 2012 by Marisco Vineyards, the property inspired us to go back to the beginning with our winemaking approach. Defined by their authenticity, these wines embody the rustic charm and vibrant flavours that Marlborough is known for.

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