Blenheim Bull Sale 2021

Marisco Vineyards is thrilled to announce the resounding success of their participation in the Blenheim Bull Sale 2021. The event proved to be an outstanding day for Marisco as all 11 of their Angus bulls from Leefield Station were sold. Not only did we achieve a remarkable 100% sales rate, but we also secured the highest bull price of $13,500 and the highest average price of $8,045. This accomplishment is a testament to Marisco's commitment to breeding and raising exceptional Angus bulls.

The achievement of a 100% sales rate highlights the trust and confidence that buyers place in Marisco's Angus bulls. The demand for their animals speaks to the reputation Marisco has built for producing top-quality livestock that excels in both performance and pedigree.

Marisco Vineyards extends their gratitude to all the buyers who recognised the exceptional value of their Angus bulls from Leefield Station. Their support and confidence in Marisco's breeding program are greatly appreciated.

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