South Island Wine and Food Festival 2023!

Last weekend, the Marisco team had an absolute blast at the South Island Wine and Food Festival! This year we had one of the prime spots, located close to the stage with Leefield Station and The Ned. We offered tastings and glasses of wine on the day, but we could also sell bottles and cases for people to pick up at the end of the day on their way out or to be couriered at a later date. The only catch here was that we had to drop these to the pickup location within an hour of the payment in case they were heading off early! We received less of these orders than last year, as most people wanted to crack open the bottle straight away!

The Ned and Leefield Station were mixed together in one stand, with The Ned flying out of the fridge first (especially Rosé!) although we did see a lot of action with people interested in trying wines from this new brand they hadn't seen before. Or people from last year remembered how good it was and wanted more! It was great to see consumers loving the wine and coming back for a second, third or fourth glass! As for The Ned, we found that people just wanted a glass of their favourite wine to sip on while they enjoyed the great lineup of music and food stalls around. The team were also caught wearing the new Create the moment t-shirts! With many people wanting to get their hands on them!

Overall, it was a great day (minus the rain making an appearance at one point), we loved seeing all your faces light up when you saw us and we're looking forward to another amazing and busy day next year!

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